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July 2015

The Other Side

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Do you remember the last time you picked up the paintbrush or the drum sticks or the cricket bat? Or the last time you opened the coin collection scrapbook you painstakingly made as a kid or ticked items on your bucket list ?Or even the last time you picked up your camera, running out on the streets wanting to capture tiny droplets of the first rains? Maybe not.  Somewhere in the maze of life, we give it all up and resign to the mundane; sometimes even justifying it.

We, at The Other Side, believe life gives us a choice. Always.  The choice to break the mundane, humdrum existence. The choice to discover the small joys of life. The choice to be extraordinary.

The Other Side is our attempt to bring forth stories of a few extraordinary people who made the choice of following their passion/ hobby despite all odds. They are people just like you and me. They have similar jobs, similar families and similar lifestyle. Just one thing sets them apart; their love for something beyond the routine. One of them sits up late at night to complete the unfinished poem she’s been writing and another one wakes up before sunrise to make sure he completes the long run he’s been planning to. And there are many more like them.

Have you ever wondered why? What makes them tick? We are here to find those answers.  If even a few people reading these stories are inspired enough to find these little joys of life we’ve experienced, we’ll consider it a job well done. And if you are one of The Other Siders already, write to us on because we’d love to feature you!


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